Build app without frontend framework knowledge


I’m working on a project written by TypeScript for the backend and only needs a mobile app for the frontend.

Can I create a mobile app (Android/iOS) without any knowledge in Angular, React or Vue (really don’t need them)?

The Ionic homepage says I can use TS but when I browsed the docs I didn’t see any mentioning to TS. It shows Angular, React, Vue and JavaScript!

But do you want to use Ionic without any framework or just don’t use Ionic to build your app?

You can use Capacitor to build your app and use any framework or none at all.

If you want to use Ionic but without a framework, not sure if there are any “getting started” docs, but all ionic components have “vanilla javascript” instructions, so I guess you just need to npm install @ionic/core and read the docs for the components you want to use.

I don’t want to use Angular, React or Vue; Just a pure TypeScript & Ionic

I couldn’t find any advantage of Capacitor by comparing to Qt or Xamarin.

If you want to use Ionic, you would need to use Capacitor or Cordova as both of them use WebViews to display the frontend, that’s not possible on Qr nor Xamarin, unless you plan to use them and just use the WebView component they probably provide.