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We are interested in developing Android and iOS apps. Our company has about 4-5 developers.We noticed the Ionic framework, but we can’t seem to find the right pricing. There seem to be about 5 different pricing pages.

Beside that: when we were trying the designer and cloud tools, we got notified about a special plan for those. But they are also included in the other pricing plans.

Does someone have an actual overview of all the possible pricings with Ionic?

You would really help us with this.

I have the same doubt.

Hi there.

Ionic the framework, is free and open source.

The only part that cost is the optional cloud tools, like package and deploy, but again, they’re optional.


You may want to clean up the public pricing pages a bit maybe :wink: :


Hi mh,

Just to be pedantically clear…

Using Ionic will I be able to package and deploy apps without the optional cloud tools?

Thanks for helping me figure this out without spending days…



These are optional tools that provide optional functionality (cloud packaging and appstore-less code deploy).

This. Seriously, @mhartington, which pricing page is the correct one? :confused: The only one I can find from browsing the website right now is this: which is considerably different (more expensive) from Which one is the correct one at this point?

I have the same question as other people, but I have yet to see an answer.

If I build an Ionic app now (using push/deploy/etc.), can I rely on the pricing on (from 20$/month, scaling as required) to stay, or is there a chance it will be discontinued and switched to this one: (2000$/year)?

The former pricing is the one found via google, and linked in the dashboard, the latter is, as far as I can see, the only one currently publicly accessible via the website navigation.

Woah, this got busy while I was out last week…

So yeah, sorry for the confusion folks! The URL was just a test page that shouldn’t have been out there for as long as it did.

The price page that is the current price is


That actually relieves me. The test pricing page scared the heck out of me to be honest :smiley:


Thanks! That is what I was looking for! :slight_smile:

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