Is there an equivalent of the "on-release" directive in Ionic 2?


I am trying to trigger an event from a range slider, but only on release – not on every intermediate change. “ionChange” triggers my function on every change, which doesn’t work so well for me. Is there a way to isolate only the value on release?


<ion-range (ionChange)="onTimeSliderRelease($event)" min="0" max="100" [(ngModel)]="this.nowPlayingService.currentIndex" color="secondary">
      <ion-icon small range-left name="sunny"></ion-icon>
      <ion-icon range-right name="sunny"></ion-icon>


isn’t there a pointer in the passed event?


That’s a great question – I had dug around a bit last night and the closest thing I could find was ionChange.isStopped, but all of the events (including the last one) return “false”. I haven’t been able to find anything yet. It’s not in the docs as far as I can see.



Any thoughts on this? I am using the ionChange property with success right now but would definitely like to figure out how to handle on-release events in the future.



Hey Marc,
I was facing the same issue as you and found some help here:

I ended up changing the range.js file of the range component itself by adding the ionDragStart and ionDragEnd event myself until it will be released officially.

Hope this helps,