Range Slider End Event (not onChange)

I’m using a range slider as a progress bar for audio playing. I need to NOT change the seek position of the audio while the audio is playing and the slider is being dragged. IonChange event fires every time the slider changes.

Unless there is another way, I really need an event to trigger when the slider is released. I’ve read everything in this forum and scoured the internet and can’t find a solution. I’ve tried everything I can think of…

I added “onMouseUp” (& onTouchEnd), which works OK, but it doesn’t always fire. If you drag off the slider, that event doesn’t fire. I have a state variable I set (isSeeking) that fires onMouseDown, which is great, but since onMouseUp doesn’t always fire it often gets stuck isSeeking=true

What I want is something that works exactly like the pin does. Even if you move off the slider (but keep mouse clicked) the pin stays on, and sliding until released. I want to hook into the exact same event that Ionic is using internally to close the pin.

Small update: For now I ended up pausing the music onMouseDown (& onTouchStart), then using a debounce of 200, and resuming audio onIonChange.

It’s acceptable, but not ideal IMO. My question to Ionic team is if there is a way to hook into whatever causes the pin to hide when slide is released. Or some other technique anyone can think of that would work.