Ranger slider for Ionic


Which range slider would you guys recommend for Ionic 3?
and which one can send its value as variable to function typescript?
I’ve tried a multiple angular range slider on npm site and none of them worked on Ionic 3.
or is there a way to use onChange event on Ion-range?
There really isn’t any description about this out there and I’m getting headaches.


Use ionChange and optionally debounce, as suggested in the api docs.

<ion-range (ionChange)="change()"></ion-range>

change() {
  console.log('something happened');

You can pass the value too, by passing the event in the standard way.

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actually that doesn’t really work.
It gives me an error on Ionic 3.
"_co.change is not a function"

is what it says…

Also, Ion-range doesn’t seem to work with decimals?
I want to set 0 as minimum and 1 as maximum, 0.1 for step.
How can I set default value on ion-range? on html5, you can set it with ‘value’… but that doesn’t seem to work on Ion-range…

Is there any other way around this???

You are either trolling me, or you have beaten yourself into total confusion. As stated in the ion-range API doc, you use step to set the step, min to set the min, and max to set the max. Please read the documentation. It answers all these questions.


problem solved here… he’s right!