Ion-range onchange event

Hi guys,
I’m using the ion-range in my music app to display the time elapsed for the audio file. The ion-range gets updated in an interval with the help of Cordova Media plugin (GetElapsedTime).
So far so good, however, if a user changes the range slider manually, Iw ould like to capture the “onchange” event and use the Cordova Media plugin to (SeekTo) a specific point int he audio file.
I can’t currently capture that, because the ionChange event is firing everytime the model is being updated through the Cordova Media plugin (GetElapsedTime).

How can I capture the ionChange ONLY when a user changes the slider manually?

did you figure that out? i have the same issue

Yes, I used the onblur event
<ion-range (ionBlur)=“updateSongPosition($event)” [(ngModel)]=“playingTime”>

and then you can access the “value” property of the $event


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oh cool, thanks!

i had in the meantime added a heuristic (to only react on “large” changes in the range) but yours sounds like the right way to go. regards!