Is there a way to specify iOS and Android platform versions

I am looking for a way to change the iOS and Android platform versions that are built into our native applications on Appflow. We are trying to resolve CORS issues when making API calls as we migrate to WKWebView. It looks like using cordova-ios@6 may allow us to specify the origin in requests to our API. Is there a way to specify which version of the platform gets installed into our application?


Hi stevebering,

To use cordova-ios@6 you can look at using the latest Cordova CLI@10.0.0 which defaults to cordova-ios@6.0.0

If you have version 10 of the Cordova CLI installed , you can add the ios platform and you will get cordova-ios@6.0.0 by default:

▶ ionic cordova platform add ios
> cordova platform add ios
Using cordova-fetch for cordova-ios@^6.0.0

When building in Appflow, make sure you use the build stack of macOS - 2020.09 or macOS - 2020.11 which have the latest Cordova CLI @ 10.0.0 . More info on using the builds stacks can be found here.

If you are having any further trouble doing this upgrade, I suggest contacting Appflow support: