Ionic cordova cli 10 and iOS 5.1.1 - is this possible?

I’d like to do build ionic app with support iOS 10 and I have understand that for this I need use ios v. 5.1.1, but when I install cordova cli v. 10 it is update ios to 6.X. It possible to update cli to 10 and remains with ios 5.1.1? how I need to do this correctly (in case this is applicable). thank you.

The way I read this, cordova-lib 10 requires cordova-ios >=6.1.0, so I’d say “no”.

EDIT: apparently, the way I read it is wrong. See @jcesarmobile below.

The Cordova CLI pins some version by default, but you can install any version you want.
To add a specific version do cordova platform add ios@5.1.1.

Note that 5.1.1 still uses UIWebView by default, which will make Apple to reject your app if submitted to the App Store. You’ll have to disable UIWebView and install a WKWebView plugin.