Is there a way to encrypt or strengthen the security of an app with Ionic?

I install my Ionic application, then I unzip the apk and see its content. I find the assets folder and I see that there is all the programming done, as is, without encrypting it or anything, just a bit of obfuscation only, is there any way to protect that?

That it does not look as is, some way to convert it into binary, or something, I do not know, but that the code of my entire application is not as is at the hand of anyone and can break it.

No, I’m not looking to obfuscate the code or use tools like “uglify”, if not, a way to encrypt it so that only the application can read its content or something like that.

I would really appreciate if you could help me with this question or solve the problem I mentioned above, thank you very much in advance.

as liam said,

It is not an answer or solution to the problem, it is only an explanation of why it is like this.

You need to design systems so that even if the complete source code is public, nothing bad happens. In practice, this means that all security must be done on machines that are under your control (IOW, not on the device running the Ionic app). There are methods of encrypting things on-device that are as strong as the owner’s control of that device, but no way to protect you from that device owner on-device.