Ionic App and Security

Dears ,

Can anyone clarify how much ionic App is secured I read two posts in google but I feel like I need more details from you experts.
i need to know what makes ionic App More Secured and how to prevent Cracking the app ,

i got a help from slack channel but i need more details

your help would be much appreciated

Thanks ,

What do you mean by “cracking the app”? Maybe you will find some useful information in this thread.

I like to think of Ionic applications like a normal website - the source code is available for all to see (in the case of Ionic, maybe there are just a few extra steps for people). Write your client-side code assuming that anybody could see it, just like they can with a normal website.

These might also be of interest:

Yep, and adding to this: native apps are trivial to reverse engineer. It’s not just Ionic. Don’t store secrets in your client and you will be okay. If you have to, use APIs like Keychain which are encrypted and locked down by the OS.

Thank you all very much for your responses .

Much Appreciated