Ionic code visibility when published?

After publishing the app on android/IOS is it possible in anyway to view the coding like on a browser using page inspector?

The reason for asking is I want to use AES cryptography but I don’t want anyone being able to view the public key, is this possible?

If you create real application builds there is no way to inspect it. But, if someone gets the apk or ipa --> it is possible to extract the original data.

Thanks for the feedback!

I wouldnt store any sensitive data in sourcecode of an app.
I think that on Jailbreaked iOS devices and rooted android-devices you will have access to all content.

sveinla is correct. Just to second that notion. If someone roots the device they have direct access to the apk. Same goes for IOS.

thanks for clearing that up, If I was creating a public app how would you recommend going on about implementing cryptography?