Make ionic app secure

Hi to all, I’ll develop a commercial app so my question is: How I can make my app secure? If I open a simple browser console, I can view all my .ts code. There is any solution besides code obfuscator?
Thanks to all

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Put all the secret stuff on servers under your control. It’s impossible to prevent anybody with a copy of an app binary from viewing the contents therein.

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So scripts are open (I can obfuscate them)?

The production build process already runs uglifyjs to minimize the app code. What I’m most concerned with is when people try to do things like:

I have an app where certain pages can only be accessed by admins / paid users / whatever, and I’m using SQLite on the device to do authentication.

I’m storing passwords either baked into my app binary or entered by the user and stored on device somehow.

#1 should instead be done by requiring authentication against a trusted server, and #2 should be rearchitected to eliminate the need to store passwords at all.

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