Is the accessory bar meant to show without adding the Keyboard plugin?

When I serve my Angular Ionic app through Capacitor and use the XCode simulators/use my own iPhone, the accessory bar does not appear when going through inputs. When I do Keyboard.setAccessoryBarVisible({isVisible: true}); it does, but it seems fairly buggy, for example in my <ion-slide> where I have a fair few input, the arrows go down but then stop before going to the last input in the list, I assume since the view does not move down with the input? (The arrows stop when we get to the input the view is just about not showing)


The keyboard plugin disables the accessory bar by default.
If the arrows don’t take you to the last fields, that’s likely an Apple bug, the plugin just hides or shows the bar, but shouldn’t affect its behaviour.

Thank you for the reply! When I did not add Capacitor and just used the Ionic app as an Angular PWA served on Safari, the arrows worked as expected… what would be the cause of this?

Does it happen if you uninstall the plugin?

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After removing the plugin using npm uninstall @capacitor/keyboard, everything seems to be as expected. What would be the cause of this? Thanks!

Then the problem might be what you said, that as there is no room for scrolling the arrows don’t work.

You can try adding more scrollable area after your fields so they have room for scrolling, or try using a different keyboard resize mode such as “ionic” (if using ionic) or “body”.

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