Ionic, Ionic Vew and hideKeyboardAccessoryBar

Hi guys!

Could you help me with hideKeyboardAccessoryBar(false). I am testing my app in Ionic View on iPhone and accessory bar doesnt appears. Am i doing wrong or Ionic View doesnt supports that functionality?

I call hideKeyboardAccessoryBar(false) in app.compontets.ts like this:

  // Initialize application
  public initializeApp() {
    this.platform.ready().then(() => {

Thanks for help!


Can you please confirm which keyboard plugin are you using? I was running into similar issue and was about to post the issue.

ionic-plugin-keyboard is deprecated and they suggest to use cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard. In cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard plugin, they have renamed hideKeyboardAccessoryBar to hideFormAccessoryBar for iOS but not for Android.

Ionic team, can you please look into this?

We need more support with this. In the Ionic native plugin list, there is nothing about deprecation(it’s only on the github page which is quite frustrating).

Besides that the new plugin does not have a good example of how to use it(i.e importing it etc)