Hiding accessory bar iOS


I just want to hide this bar with the buttons: “previous, next and done”, but I tried different solutions and nothing seems to work. This page is an external webpage with an redirect uri. 56.

  1. I tried to install an older plugin: cordova plugin add ionic-plugin-keyboard@2.1 -> doesn’t work
  2. I tried with ionic-native -> doens’t work. LINK: https://ionicframework.com/docs/native/keyboard/

this.platform.ready().then(() => {

import Keyboard and add it to the providers

Can anyone help me please?

any solution? same problem…

No sorry it can’t be hidden. My “keycloak” plugin uses the “in-app-browser” plugin, but there are no properties for disabeling the accessory bar. So if you want to disable the accessory plugin you need to override the “in-app-browser” plugin or write your own plugin

i solved updating the xcode to last version and using this:


in index.html on meta-name=“viewport”…

It didn’t work for me in ionic 3

any solution here? Does not work for me