Problems using the cordova keyboar plugin


When using the cordova keyboard plugin in order to get rid of the form accessory bar, the bar is gone, but it leaves a black bar. Has anybody used that plugin with ionic and experienced the same problem?


I don’t think anyone has successfully used the plugin. Ever. Seriously though, if you can get it to work please let us know.

In the meantime, are you calling Keyboard.shrinkView(true)? That usually fixes the black bar problem, but at least in my experience introduces a host of other issues.

Other fixes include adding height=device-height to your meta tag, but again this can cause other issues and I believe Cordova specifically recommends not doing this (I’m trying to find the link because I can’t remember why).

EDIT: Found it: (under iOS 7 issues), relevant bug: Seems like it’s only a problem for iPad support.


I tried installing this plugin (to know when keyboard is showing or not showing) and had no luck. I can’t get the global variable Keyboard to exist. Do I need to inject it somehow? Any ideas? Thanks


I dabbled with it as well a while back. It caused all kinds of issues. Where the “next” and “done” buttons go, a white box appeared that I could never get rid of.

If you have any success, please let us know.


@tim @max i noticed you guys have your own fork of the cordova keyboard plugin, do you recommend we use this yet?


Yep we made it public so people could start using it, please let us know about any issues you have.


Where can we find this fork? Thanks



I’ve been using it since yesterday specifically so I can remove the accessory bar. It seems really well integrated since you can close the keyboard by clicking outside fields (far more native) and so far, I’d recommend it. Will keep you posted as we move toward production with it.