Is my ionic app safe?

hi it is always my question and worries about
is ionic application secured? is that possible to crack the ionic app and get the inside code or sth like this for example if my code is like this(add a service to my app)

    import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
    import { HttpClient } from '@angular/common/http';
    import { Observable } from 'rxjs';
    import { map } from 'rxjs/operators';
      providedIn: 'root'
    export class EncryptionService {
      url = '';

      constructor(private http: HttpClient) { }
        newcheck(checkid: string ,cost: string,toname: string,tocode: string,passcode: string,date: string,checkfor: string,back: string): {
        return this.http.get(`${this.url}?key=${this.api-key}&checkid=${encodeURI(checkid)}&cost=${encodeURI(cost)}&toname=${encodeURI(toname)}&tocode=${encodeURI(tocode)}&passcode=${encodeURI(passcode)}&date=${encodeURI(date)}&checkfor=${encodeURI(checkfor)}&back=${encodeURI(back)}`);

is that possible for anyone to crack my export app(apk) and extract api-key?