Ionic V4 for Visual Studio 2017

Hi there,
I would like to request Ionic version 4 for visual studio 2017 please
that’s it… :}

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What exactly are you requesting? Intellisense for v4?

That’s what i meant…

You would need to ask Microsoft about that, as they are the publisher.

I have never used Studio (VS code is my editor), but the templates are baked into the Ionic CLI. What does this extension do?

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Save here i also use the VS Code but still bad with ionic development.
Just for a reason can you help me understanding the general concept of ionic development to be more professional.
Not asking you to be my tutor, just a better or fast way to learn to work ionic framework.

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Hi Khaled,

I am no expert on Ionic development, but i have used both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code for doing Ionic development. In my opinion, Visual Studio Code is better suited to Ionic development. Visual Studio is great for ASP.Net and .Net desktop application development, but IMHO not the best for developing mobile apps with Ionic.

Have you tried PluralSight? Some great tutorials out there for developing Ionic applications.

Best of Luck!


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I am interested too. I would prefer to use Visual Studio 2017 for app/web development. In Extension I can install IONIC 2 Template. But a tutorial how to get valid syntax highlighting and proper installation would be very nice or instead a IONIC 4 Installation.