Is it wise to make a chat application in ionic

Hi There,

I am working on a chat application using cordova, iconic , I am worried about the performance, my previous version of app is having some performance issue, it doesn’t give feel of native app. please let me know if anyone has done it before and what’s the performance. Also please do suggest me for performance hike.

Thanks in advance.

depends how you are implementing it.

Consider to store old messages in files locally or in a sqlite-db.
You need experients in websocktes or at least if your backend is nodejs in
So if you only want to build a simple messenger app -> sending only messages without images at the beginning… it should work.

You could use ng-repeat or collection-repeat (this would a little bit triggy and maybe laggy because you need to calculate the height of each item).

But you can implement some logic to only show ng-repeat item, which are in the viewport or at least the last 100 messages. (if you scroll top you can try to get older messages).

It depends on your suggestions.

And keep in mind not all mobile Browsers support WebSockets at all.

yes i am using socket for conection and sqlite to store the data’s but startup time app is like 5-6 seconds. how can i optimize the startup time of the app.

that depends what you are doing during your appstart.
are you using many phonegap plugins or sending requests.

But normally it takes some time if you make a coldstart of a phonegap app.