Best way to develop messaging app using ionic

Hello guys,

I would like to develop a messaging app (let say whatsapp for example). What is the best way to do it according to you?


There are so many answers to this, I would suggest doing some research on the forums and the rest of the internet. There are quite possibly tens of thousands of combinations of ui, api, and platforms combinations to use and I don’t think anyone is going to really lay it all out for you since that’s your job as a developer

I am asking for advice and opinions. I don’t see what is wrong with that. If you answer people to tell them to use Google you are not of much use. Since when asking for advice is asking people to do the job for you… I won’t dignify that kind of comment… Thanks for polluting.


All I’m saying is this kind of stuff has been answered hundreds of times online,

That was just on the forums


Thank you. I’ll check them out.

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