Chat application as whatsapp


I want to develop a chat application exactly like whatsapp.
Like, one to one chat,
group chat,
send attachments(image, audio, video)

I saw so many examples of it but I didn’t get proper chat application.

so anyone please help me to develop or I am ready to buy a chat application so please suggest me best of it.


Hi @hiten
I think chat applications can be really tricky, especially on the server side if you choose the wrong tecnology.
How much experience do you have with ionic? Is this your first project?
If so, i think you shuld do some tutorials and quick apps just to “feel” the framework.

Back to your project, I think you should use webSockets
Have a look at this examples:


Its a litle outdated but you canuse the references!

Hope this help you in your project, good luck!