Messenger App using ionic,angular and ngCordova(Hybrid App), Pls Help


Hi All,
Iam New to mobile app development, I got a requirement from client that i need to do one mobile application for communicating purpose(Chat Application includes group chat)

  1. Users can register and he can send a message to other user or group of users, while other user should get the notification (can we do this by using ngCordova plugins? how to do)
  2. I want to do this using ionicframework + AngularJS
  3. I know the basics of ionicframework with angularjs but how to push i need samples

Can Anyone help me out for this, iam struggling for notifications part, and any sample codes.


Check out firechat by firebase, thats would be a good reference.


I need to implement one to one chat and one to many chat, notifications should be sent to other users when they get message


check out Firechat by firebase. There is a method for one to one chat there. You can always pick out the code and reuse for your project.


FireChat has all the necessary events to build a nice chat application.
However, the bad thing is, it has a JQuery Dependency.

In an Ionic application, I would like to have my own UI using Ionic Directives and I do not want to load the heavy JQuery file which is not used in my views.

That can effect the performance (start up time) of the application.

What do you think?