Is it possible to Package an Website into Mobile Application(.APK )

Dear All,

My customer has one application, which he is thinking to convert as Mobile platform.

Is it possible to package Entire web application which has been devloped using PHP into APK file.

Please guide me in this regard?

Good question but not really the right forum to ask it as this is unrelated to Ionic. You’d better ask this on Stackoverflow or something like that.

Anyway there are some possible approaches regarding “PHP” and “Android” or “APK” but none of them make it as simple as “packaging your existing website as an APK”:

The one that looks easiest is on the surface is the second option, if your PHP website was developed using Wordpress then it seems there is an app (see the second link) that can “convert” your website to an Ionic app. Did not try this myself though (and it’s a paid app, not free I think).

On the other hand if you’re just looking to utilize your PHP knowledge for mobile development then the third link would fit the bill.

Just packaging your existing PHP site as an APK and expecting to have a fully-functioning mobile app without any work would be easiest but does not seem to be an option.

The easiest solution would be to include your website as an iframe. While this solution applies in android it can’t be done in IOS if you are targeting the appstore.

Hi Leob,

Thanks for detailed reply with all available options.

I have decided to create an IONIC app as client to access my PHP project by creating set of API’s.

Hi Visar Hoxha

:slight_smile: Yup.I also thought like you & created an IONIC app .

Add my project in Iframe . It worked nicely.

Anyway Thanks for the reply.

Hi ,

In Apple AppStore, i am able to push my app & its available now.