Is ionic good enough for comercial application development?


I think ionic is great, but not enough.

most of plugins and some of it self modules and APIs required android 4.4+ but most of users using 4.0+ and below 4.4 versions of androids. in case of iOS I am not fan of it at all.

Codes are different from RC To RC. who can correct it?

Users blog are more effective than Ionic itself documentations.

Native APIs and codes need technical documentations.

There is no guidelines for Ionic Framework application development or may be I couldn’t find it.

Application speed is not good enough. may be it can be improved but I don’t find.

and the finally and most awesome thing is that code is easy to access in apk package. just rename to zip extract and everything is finished.


Seems like you’re just complaining rather than looking for answers, but anyway:

Over 85% of Android users are on 4.4 or later.

Beta/RC versions are by definition unstable. If you don’t like it then wait for a stable release. That’s true for any project.

Isn’t that the same for any Android app?

Your other points are too generic to be addressed.


@Parsian Ionic Is an opensource project, so roll up your sleeves to solve some of problems.