Android API level

Hello guys, it´s my first post in the community, so first of all I´m sorry if I break some rule in this post. Hope you guys take it easy.
Well here is my question. I´m building an Ionic application, which is having great performance in android 6.0+ devices, but when I tried to test it in lower API levels, I saw it´s not working. So I´d like to know a little more about the minimum android API level compatibily. If anyone know where I can find something about it I would be thankful.
Thank you guys.

Hi and welcome to the community!

Ionic apps should work fine on older versions of android, but in my experience there can be some issues depending on which plugins that you are using.

Can you copy and paste your package.json here so that we might be able to take a look?

Also, what happens when you open your apk on android devices running Android 5?

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Ionic uses Cordova in the background for native apps.
Check here for API level support of cordova-android:

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thanks for helping. I´m going to take a look at this link.

Hi my friend, ok. As soon as I´m able to paste it, i´m gonna do that.
About Android 5 devices, the application started but with no render, it stands in a blank screen.