Why we are having IONIC

Why we are having this IDE or platform when

  1. Takes so much time to build the application
  2. Most of the plugins have some issues always when we try to build for android or ios platforms
  3. Consuming lot of time for the developers
  4. Need to modify folders in the platform to fix issues in plugins

So many problems, why it is at all there in the market and why people should use it. Hell lot of problems I faced when tried to just integrate a facbook plugin into the app.

What are your objectives from using Ionic?

What is your plan B solution?

To make a hybrid application for mobile. If it is only suitable for creating websites or portal, then Ionic should nor release ways to create mobile apps. Its worthless compared to any other hybrid modals. First we don’t know whether the plugin will work during the build process. Second, so many changes if we need to do, then what is the use of Ionic. In this 21st century, if we build applications like primitive age, then kudus to the Ionic team

I think it is problem of FACEBOOK.
They always change their SDK as they like.

Ionic / cordova already build too many years.
I can tell you it is MUCH MUCH MUCH easier than the first few year when cordova release.

Finally, ionic is not IDE…

I also know Ionic is not an IDE, please try to understand the context, you cannot deny, it takes hell lot of time to build, if any error in the plugin or anything missing, we will know only after we build the app. And it is not just Facebook, many plugins behaves like that. And so far as much much easier is concerned, well coding in any language is easy, it is the final packaging that we do ,must be an easier process. All in all, waste of time and effort building apps in Ionic in this modern era of technology. Thats what I feel. Now we can go on defend Ionic, but the ground reality will not change. Even in the documentation, plugin installation, if you follow the exact process, next thing you will find error in building. I have such errors frequently. If we are not able to give a stable plugin then whats the point in having this language. Waste of time

You still haven’t said what the alternative tool is?

The biggest “problem” with Ionic is that it depends on lots of other things - npm,Angular (or whatever), Android studio etc etc. and these are constantly being updated, so yes, it is a pain.

On the other hand, my main Ionic app has barely been touched in the last 12 months and never misses a beat!

If you know of an alternative tool that doesn’t rely on external resources, please let me know!

Go native for mobile apps. Stop hybrid app if not able to support properly and probably back off. Concentrate on desktop web pages, portals.

Problems and problems. For Firebase multiple plugins given to use. All in vain. Just to get a token, multiple plugins but build errors for every plugin. Really waste of time for developers.

Yes, you may be right… but, what is the alternative? To painfully create and maintain two separate code base for the same app??? I personally tried that road and I can tell you right now is a road I hope I would never take again.

With all its problems and glitches, I’ve been far more productive with Ionic than using native code and my customers are happy with the final result.

Try Google’s flutter. https://flutter.dev/