Is the jQuery mobile the best UI framework to integrate with PhoneGap or Ionic?


I wanna to use PhoneGap to starting an enterprise application, but don’t know which of all the mobile UI frameworks is the best to integrate with the project?

i’m new to PhoneGap.
i asked this question on, but a user suggest me that to use from Ionic, is the Iionic the best thing for me?


Yes, especially if you’re familiar with AngularJS


First, welcome to Ionic Community. If you need anything you only need to ask. We’re not as harsh as StackOverflow community (nor that much dic** :wink: ).


Wow, I can’t believe your question was not close at StackOverflow. SO community doesn’t like opinion based questions.

Because you also posted here I will make a comparison between Ionic and jQuery Mobile.

Let me give you an answer.

If you want to choose between jQuery Mobile and Ionic Framework I would advise you to pick Ionic. This will, of course, depend on your knowledge and preferences.

First jQuery Mobile is not “a buggy mess”, @EpicPandaForce don’t know what his talking about. If you don’t believe me take a look at my jQuery Mobile support score here at SO: If anyone knows how jQuery Mobile works it’s me. This does not mean jQuery Mobile is better; it simply has its place in this world and mobile ecosystem

jQuery Mobile was not updated in last two years, even then it wasn’t the fastest solution for mobile development. Version 1.5 will come out soon, and it will bring jQuery UI integration. jQuery Mobile possibilities will skyrocket.

Ionic is under constant development, and I would agree it’s production ready at this point. Though even now it lacks 3rd party support jQuery Mobile has.

The Ionic is faster than jQuery Mobile though still not fully native like. You should consider that jQuery Mobile was not created as a fully hybrid mobile framework. It is merely a mobile desktop framework, never optimized for a pure mobile run.

Though Ionic has an AngularJS backend, it’s not as tight as jQuery/jQuery Mobile.

Currently, Ionic has a much better community. It is not as large as jQuery Mobile community, but people are much more active and prepared to help.

Ionic developers actively communicate with the community (Ionic Forum, even here at SO). jQuery Mobile developers can be only found at an IRC channel, and you may count yourself lucky if they respond.

jQuery Mobile is easier to develop with, and Ionic is still missing some features jQuery Mobile has. For example various page (view) transitions, and you can easily create your own. Still, unless you’re careful, your jQuery Mobile application can become a slow mess of code.

jQuery Mobile can be tough if you don’t carefully read framework documentation. For example, you should never use document ready with jQuery Mobile. A lot of people don’t understand or know this. Just like Ionic has View events jQuery Mobile has page events (to be used instead of document ready).

jQuery Mobile has a MUCH better theme(s) selection

jQuery Mobile almost killed PhoneGap all together. Currently, jQuery Mobile 1.4 is fast/usable enough.

Everything said Ionic is still better and faster than jQuery Mobile.


If you have a previous jQuery knowledge and you don’t have time to learn AngularJS stick with jQuery Mobile.

In any other case choose Ionic.


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