iPad App Using Cordova - What are my options?

I’m creating an iPad only app (actually only a load of pages with a side menu and transition videos) which will be mainly run offline.

There are some non standard UI elements to it as I’m working from somone elses flat design (e.g. a side menu that overlays the background and a graphical button on the right side of screen, possibly background videos with text overlaid).

It is an app which will only be distributed with a company.

If this was a website I’d use Jquery (possibly mobile), bootstrap etc. However that may not apply here.

Based on what I read I’m not sure if the Ionic route is my best option? Will it be ok for a purely tablet design with few stanard UI elements?

What are my other options (using Cordova)?
Jquery Mobile/Bootstrap


Has anybody any advice? (help!)

So Ionic is great for this. In fact, thats how I got started in Ionic.

Ionic’s components will resize based on layout, and for cases where you need tablet specific sizing, you can use some css and media queries to further push the layout.

So elements are not at 100% width? I am designing specifically for iPad (internal business function) so I know it will be landscape etc. Is there therefore any advantage in using Ionic over Swift?
Will I be working against the framework by having to alter each layout element to fit the tablet, or are there tablet specific elements available?

No, elements will be 100% width, but if for some reason you wanted to changed that for landscape/portrait, you can do that. It does not go against the framework.

Thanks Mike. Can I also ask, is it possible yet to display background video IOS devices with Ionic/Cordova approach? I read some time ago it was not as IOS restricts Html Video to not autoplay (i.e. needs a play icon)?

If this is the case I realise this is not a shortcoming of Ionic, but you sound like the person who would know if the above is still the case.

Many thanks,


Basically, the question is, is using the native Swift the only way to get full screen background video (i.e. with html elements on it)?