iOS9 first beta


A fair warning: a lot is broken on the webkit side of ios9 - stay away for now.

  • Tabs will flicker
  • Views will not load


my app on the store run perfectly in iOS9 with ionic 1.0.0beta14


Mine runs flawlessly as well except for a plugin (but that’s an objective-c/native thing not ionic).

The second beta should fix a lot of issues like that. The first usually has a lot of exception and error logging which makes it more unstable and slower.


For me even ionic tabbed template (default) flickers and does all kinds of crazy things.
Ionic 1.0.0 release and ios 9 first beta on iphone 5s.


Well it’s a beta and I’m not really sure why you’re concerned. Things are clocked down and run slow it’s just the nature of that. Did you do the beta for iOS8 or 7?


As i said in the first post - it’s a WARNING for developers for keeping safely away for now. It makes sense to keep bleeding edge versions of everything to at least see what exactly is broken. But this version breaks pretty much everything. So this beta is unusable for development and i warn others to not waste time on it.

I’ve been using iOS betas since 5.0 and this is the first one which i have to downgrade. Same goes for osx 10.11 which killed jre 1.6 which was required for webstorm 9. Either that or upgrade license to 10.


Huge battery drain :disappointed:. Downgraded to 8.3