Ionic on iOS 9 Beta - Issues?


I’m running iOS 9 beta version, and running my app it’s experiencing a lot of transition issues. I am wondering if this is something to do with the beta version, and would that be fixed when iOS 9 becomes available? I assume it’s relating to this because I’m running it on another iPhone on the latest iOS build and no issues.

Any advice?

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Someone earlier claimed their entire app was falling apart which I thought was really dramatic hahaha. I have noticed on SOME of my views that the animation will jump forward, backward, and then finish normally. I expect this to be because on the betas things run just a few ticks slower. The animation classes and the browser rendering don’t like to play together. It’s not just Ionic apps, i see it happening in native apps, websites, etc.

I wouldn’t stress it as I doubt the glitches will still be there in the release since they don’t seem to be caused by anything major that has been changed.

For the time being use the emulators and the regular Xcode (6.4 i think now?) and that will get you iOS 8.4 to test things on.

Welcome to the beta world! Just be glad this isn’t as bad as 8 was. When the iOS8 beta came out ALL cordova apps were broken until beta 3. Glad we avoided that this time

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Ahh, this makes sense then. If I compile with xcode beta - it doesn’t work (some bits load, some don’t). I was using the beta to so if my app would run into any issues when iOS 9 comes a long, but I guess there is no point being on the beta as fixs won’t be ironed out until later stages?

Not necessarily, testing once or twice is good because if you don’t then you might not have a good vision of what could break. For example: I started testing with iOS9 and my local notification plugin broke, so I went in got some things fixed. Apple had deprecated some methods and it was causing it to all fail and crash.

So now that I fixed that I haven’t found anything else that’s not working so I can continue on my regular path and keep developing for iOS 8.

So not necessary, but recommended you test just so you have an idea.

Edit: There is also supposed to be an update early this week for the betas so maybe that will smooth more things out, when I get it I’ll report back!

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Thanks for replying, interesting to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:

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If you are testing in iOS 9 (true at beta 5 13A4325c) you’ll almost certainly be seeing this issue with transitions. Angular throws errors with location changes. The issue is due to an underlying problem in uiWebView in iOS9. If Apple doesn’t fix it then it’s a big problem as existing apps in the wild that use Angular routing will all be broken.