ios8 / iPhone 6 - app is being scaled up instead of native

When running the app on an iPhone 6, the entire app gets scaled up / stretched which makes things look a bit fuzzy. Most noticeable thing is that the status bar is double the size of the normal iphone6 status bar.

Any ideas on how to get the app to show at a native scale on iPhone 6 ios8?


Just managed to solve this randomly. If you edit the Xcode project properties in Xcode and set MainViewController as the launch screen file, it prevents the scaling and makes everything work fine :slight_smile: Boom!

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Any ideas on how to get the ionic build process to automatically set this instead of having to edit the project?

I’m interested too! Some scaled app elements are looking blurry as well :confused:

So you need to configure your apps to include the right splash screens and icons

This is something that needs to be resolved on the Cordova side of things. Until then, you can configure the icons and splash screens with your config.xml.


@mhartington thanks for the reply and help! :smile:

So basically… as far as you know, the only screens that can have native resolution are icons and splash screens?

I changed the Launch Screen file to MainViewController in Xcode and was able to run my app without scaling, however the splash screen no longer appears (I had setup Assets in Xcode will all appropriate resolutions that displayed before making this change).

Is there any way to get native resolution AND a splash screen?

Not true.

So for iOS8, iOS moved to native .xib files for launch images. But you can specify a png image as a launch image for ios8, iphone 6/6+, just waiting on cordova to update cordova-ios.

Sub-tasks 48-53 are all related to iOS8 and the new iphones. Should be released soon ( I hope :smile: )

Has this been fixed in beta 14? I seem to be still facing it… Any workarounds? I tried setting the MainViewController but it causes my app to crash on open.


There is no such problem anymore and it’s not related to b13 or b14. Since Cordova was updated to 4.0.0 (CordovaLib 3.7.0 for iOS) the problem was solved for both.

Just ensure that you upgrade your project, if needed remove / add the iOS platform and it should use native resolution on iPhone 6.

Thanks ferretizer! I’ve removed and added the iOS platform and all is fine now (only issue is I had to re-do my splash screens, thankfully I’ve a backup).

Thanks @mhartington I used ionic resources to make new splash screens and it fixed it.

I am also having same issue. Now app is not scaling but i cant see any splash screen now :frowning: Were you able to get both things working?