iPad Pro Scaling

Hi guys,

I’m creating an app that targets iPad Pro specifically in Ionic 2.

I am using the Ionic 2 Starter Blank template. When running on the iPad, the whole screen seems blurred (particularly text) as if everything is scaled up. The status bar is twice the size it usually is in addition to the keyboard when opened.

I’m not sure on how this can be fixed, so it stays at the correct scale?

In Xcode in App Icons and Launch images.

Select the Launch Screen File from the dropdown to MainViewController.xib.

This resolved the issue for me.

If there is not the proper splash screen size in the app, iOS will scale the app. The Xcode option will work as well.

Ah. Thanks for the reply. I’m assuming the ionic resources command doesn’t include iPad Pro resolutions?


Have you found out how to create splash screen for iPad Pro with Ionic resources?