[ios] View gets scrolled to top and back on text input focus

Hi everyone, i’m working at the ionic 2 app, this is my first one. App has a login screen, screen containing some lists, and screen to create new list. This last screen is a huge page component, dynamically showing/hiding stuff (text inputs, textareas, toggles, ranges etc.), and with ionic serve everything works just fine, but when i do ionic run ios, things get mad:

  1. At iPhone 4s and Android 4.4.4 there is a 300ms delay when clicking anything, or typing text (yes, i’ve added tappable to everything, at Iphone 6s it works fine)

  2. At iPhone 4s and 6s there is a very annoing bug with scrolling - when user clicks the text input or textarea, it gets overlayed by screen keyboard, then when start typing, it gets scrolled to the top of a page and back to that input. Sometimes it just showing blank space and input appears only when start typing.

At Android 4.4.4 everything works with a lag, crosswalk didn’t change anything.
Virtual scroll acting weird - items appears sometimes below each other (as they should), sometimes above…
Now project doesn’t havecrosswalk nor virtual scroll, how to fix those scrolling issues and lags?