iOS Status Bar pushes down my app's header

Hey all!

Throughout the development of my app it annoyed me that the header is pushed down in the iOS version of the app but not on android. I read that it’s only a problem with how Ionic View handles in-app testing, but turns out that wasn’t the case in my situation.

I arrived at the final part of development, I went on to upload my app to Google Play and the Apple App Store, but I made a final test on the TestFlight app of Apple, and it turns out my problem is still there. I managed to make the statusbar disappear or at least go invisible, but sadly even without the status bar the header is pushed down. That makes me suspect that some Ionic feature is at fault.

Excuse me the image’s size, the screenshot somewhy messed up. The point is the header anyway.

Anyone has any kind of solutions?
Thanks in advance.

So would you be able to provide any code or a sample demo app that has the issue? I have never seen this before so any help in trying to replicate this would be great.

Of course. I am using the cordova statusbar plugin, and this is the code that i run (in several places to make sure that they run), but seemingly it doesn’t do anything with the statusbar.

This in itself didn’t remove the text of the statusbar, following other answers I put in this to my Xcode .plist.

This at least removed the text content of the Status Bar, but the space is still left out like the Status Bar is there.

This is the code for the way I show the logo in the header.

Could it be that one of my references is out of date?

At this point I’d be thankful for any kind of tips or help. I’m new to developing so I can’t really effectively see through every fault that I might make.

So you shouldn’t ever touch the Xcode plist file.

If I understand you correctly, you’re hiding the status bar, but still getting the 20px padding on top?
Is that correct.

Also, you may not want to use a table in the ion-nav-title and reference code on a CDN

Yes, I’m still getting the 20px. But even that wouldn’t be a problem if the whole of my logo moved downwards, but sadly it’s only the img and the menu icon that gets moved inside.

I’ll watch out for that in the future.