Header too low in iOS, but correct size in Browser

In my latest iOS build, the header shows under the status bar and has caused my footer to be cutoff as it is too low now. I have had successful iOS builds in the past and have code snippets like below in the code already:

`if (window.StatusBar) {

Everything looks great in Ionic in the browser and when I upload to Ionic View, but as soon as I push to iOS, I see the sizing image that you can see in the image below. Any ideas for what I can do here? I’ve seen things such as removing and re-adding the cordova device plugin, but wanted to ask the forum before making any changes.

For IOS I do it like that in the mainController:
if (ionic.Platform.isIOS()) {

Won’t that line of code remove the iOS status bar though? I want the header to be there and the status bar to be there like it has been in the past. It is working perfectly in the browser and Ionic View, so I’m just confused as to why this issue has just started.

Below is an image of how I expect it to look: