iOS statusbar Issue

Hello everyone,
Please help. I have an app running on ionic v1, Somewhere along the CLI update, the header and the status bar started overlapping ( without the 20px padding top ). Is there a fix for this. Currently, im using custom css overrides for this, and its a pain. I tested it out on a fresh project and it’s still there please help. Thanks in advance.

Check the status bar in the image.

Try this plugin:

Hey @Dar3lis

Is there any other way I can solve this, i mean without using a plugin. Thank you.

Also I’m on V1, the doc seems to be for ionic 2.

@mhartington Please help

I’m always asking, why when there is Ionic3 you are using Ionic1 ?
Is there is somes advantages ?

@Dlazzy Started developing when there was only Ionic 1. So the project is still in Ionic 1.
not sure there are advantages, But that is not the question here. Do you have any solution for me. Thanks.

No sorry, I don’t know Ionic1

Hi, I got the same issue, fixed by inserting into index.html “viewport-fit=cover” and updating Xcode to the latest version. By the way, I was using ionic v3, but I think it will work with v1 too.

Hi folks! We covered how to fix this in our iOS 11 blog post.

Solved it by following the blog post.

Thank you very much. @mhartington @tokuhara