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Status Bar via ng-cordova

Hi Ollie

This is what I found worked - I had the same problem

make sure you have Statusbar and Device plugins loaded (i also use Splashscreen - as you can see)
I played around with FullScreen but it didn’t work for me

hope it helps {
var showFullScreen = true,
showStatusBar = true;

//ionic.Platform.fullScreen(showFullScreen, showStatusBar);
StatusBar.backgroundColorByHexString("#43CEE6"); //Calm color




Since updating to v1.0.0-beta.1 ‘actinium’ 2014-03-25 I’m also seeing problems with the header. I no longer have the theme color it’s just white and the title is shown with single quotes.

Any help or a fix would be appreciated.



try this:

  • clear your platforms folder
  • delete the ios.json file in your plugins folder
  • add your ios platform again


@alanda This has nothing to do with this topic. The topic is related to the statusbar and not the Ionic Header Bar.

Regarding your issue though: What version did you use before upgrading to the beta? (Didn’t know it was released already?) Al lot has changed since and what you’re experiencing sounds exactly like one of those nightly changes I’ve been experiencing a couple of days ago.

For the latest docs, for now, go to: and check out the ion-header-bar in your case.


Thanks Robin I appreciate your help.

If I run the latest ionic-angular-cordova-seed project I see different behaviour with the header. No background color, no back or home buttons as in previous versions so something appears to have changed / broken.

I will dig a little deeper.



@alanda When did you clone the ionic-angular-cordova-seed project?

I see this in their changelog:

Perhaps you should update :smile: Like I said, the problems you’re experiencing is due to the breaking changes in the latest Ionic seed. Take a look at the docs at @andy’s repository to see how it’s done these days.

Or wait patiently until the Ionic team finds some time to fix the seed.


Oops! We will update the seed with the beta changes.

We quietly pushed a release today, but are waiting until tomorrow to announce it just to be sure all is well.