Ionic3 android version compatability

Ionic framework supports android oreo or not ??

I think the Android or iOS compatibility isn’t a Ionic thing directly, the question would be is Cordova (for example) compatible with Android 8

Then, for the answer, you might have to upgrade plugins or platform, but when it comes to me, I could confirm that my app run smoothly on Android 8.1

Thank you so much @reedrichards
same for ios also ???

What do you mean same for iOS? If you ask if my app run on iOS v11, yes it works smoothly too. There you may have to update plugins and platforms too and also you may have to update XCode to v9 too but I insist on the “you may” respectively “you may have not to” too :wink:

okok thank you so much , i mean that ios 11.1,11.2 are available , so i am asking it will works well too on ios 11.1 & 11.2 also ??

I understand, then same answer as the one I posted above

ok thank you @reedrichards