ionicPage Setting URL Path

I am following this

After I added specific url path like this (http://localhost:8101/#/some-path), the url is still remains.

I am not sure remaining url is normal. Is there a way I can remove the url path after hashbang?

Thanks in advance.

How do you want your domain to look like?

I mean After using deeplinks it started getting this http://localhost:8101/#/some-path
I thought the url is supposed to display http://localhost:8101/ when deeplinking is done.

I am confused because the end user is not able to see the url.

If you are using an app, it does not matter because the user does not see the url. But if you publish your app as a web app, users see the url and can bookmark them.

The topic of removing the path was discussed here:


If I publish my app as a web app, what will native functionality be such as bluetooth, camera, etc?

With web app I mean your app published on a server as a website. Most cordova plugins don’t work for apps published as websites. You want to build an android or ios app, right? Then your users don’t see the urls.