Ionic Localhost Deeplinks

Hey there! Recently I’m plan to include ionic deeplink in my application, but I’m not sure about whether the deeplink is working in localhost (I’m student which does not own any server or domain).

My plan:
step 1. Develop the application and build the application with cordova.
step 2. After the APK is produced, I will install into my phone.
step 3. After my app is installed, I will try to access the link “localhost:8100/index” on phone browser and I expect my phone will automatically open and direct me to the application to render the view.

My effort and try:
I have search through the web, there is no website provide any guide or tutorial for ionic localhost deeplink. So I try to follow the steps which I got from the documentation (, but it’s not working. I’m not sure whether each variable are correctly define for localhost (shown in the following)

ionic cordova plugin add ionic-plugin-deeplinks 
--variable URL_SCHEME=myApp 
--variable DEEPLINK_SCHEME=http 
--variable DEEPLINK_HOST=  

My questions and requests:

  1. Can I know whether my plan is feasible or realistic?
  2. Can I know the correct way to achieve deeplinks for localhost application?

I would also like to know the answer to this