Ionicons not displayed on Chrome and Firefox

It seems that there is a problem to refresh Chrome and Firefox to display Ionicons.
It worked 5 minutes ago, and now only on Safari.
I also completely uninstalled my app on my Android device and resinstalled in order to see the result.
In device and safari, they appear.

Is there a way to force Chrome to display it? It worked 5 minutes ago … and now I just have some squares…
What I did is installed the Beta 14 (I had 908 nightly) and then temporarily reverted (since late in Paris…) to configure the whole tomorrow.
Indeed, I noticed the folder “release” that involves a path change to the ionicons files etc…

Is there a way to force Chrome to read those ionicons? I already tried to clear the cache in the settings…


Hi, I noticed that some ionicons names changed in version 2.0
For example:
ion-ios7-arrow-up changed to ion-ios-arrow-up

Re-check your ionicons names in


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Actually, IntelliJ (my IDE) made some crappy things with the font files.
Dropping all of them and run a bower install ionic does the trick.
(ionicons 2.0 are not part of this release).

How about the android icons? Those arent working on my app?

It’s the “CDN Broken” issue I just reported in the next thread. If you install the CSS and fonts locally, it should work.

IntelliJ was the culprit for me too. Replaced the files in ionic/fonts/ and it worked. Thanks!