Ionicon confusion

I have all the latest installs and I make a new project using tabs template. So the very first thing I want to do is change the tab icons. So I go to and choose an icon ion-ios-star and change tabs.html. Oops no icon at all.

Then I notice that the icons in tabs.html are named with ios7 rather than ios, so I add 7 to the icon name and bingo it shows up. But when I try using another icon like ion-easel then that doesn’t show up.

Seems like something is out of sync here but the Ionicons 2.0 release was back in December. So now I’m confused.

Try to install Ionicon with bower and add CSS file in your index.html

Beta 14 is using ionicons v1.5.2. You can see the icons here:
Future versions will use v2.0.

If you want to use the v2.0 icons you will need to update your fonts and scss files. Here is another post with more information on doing this:

Thanks. I can see why this has happened and have updated to the nightly build so all is as expected now.