At the moment Ionic icons are not displayed


Hi, I’m new-vie ionic.

In the above link I found out that icon are not displayed.

Actually, I’d test this code with a “ionic serve”, but same.

Is it me alone?

The following is that captured my screen.

Hi im new to ionic. Just going to the docs and see this and found your post. Makes a bad impression if the example has a mistake. The displayed codepen using the nightly 1.0.0-beta.14-nightly-968. In 1.0.0-beta.14 it is working if i override in the codepen the css and js example with the one from 1.0.0-beta.14 it showing the icons. I dont know how to tell them (creating a issue in github? but the source there is not resonsible for the docs). The nightly using Ionicons 2.0.1. the 1.0.0-beta.14 using Ionicons 1.5.2

um…the stable nightly uses for “Ionicons 2.0.1”, but “1.0.0-beta” used on the codepen uses “Ionicons 1.5.2”.
I understand it, Is that right?

the codepen in the docs where it not works using the nightly with Ionicons 2.0.1 and the 1.0.0-beta-14 using Ionicons 1.5.2. They should use the stable 1.0.0-beta-14 for the docs not the nightly

That needs to be solved on the docs page. Meanwhile, in your project change the classes of the icons from
icon ion-ios7-information
icon ion-ios-information

I created an issue on the ionic-side github maybe now someone recognise it and fix the demo codepen

Thanks everybody! I’m fixed.