Icons don't display on iOS build

When running my app on the iOS emulator and iDevice, ionicons do not appear, although they appear when testing in a browser. I’ve tried moving them relative to my own CSS file and calling the font embed from my CSS. No luck. Any immediate thoughts?

Are you using a local Ionic CSS file or linking to the CDN or some other online version? Have you included the font directory and have it correctly placed relative to where the Ionic CSS file is calling them?

@font-face {
  font-family: "Ionicons";
  src: url("../fonts/ionicons.eot?v=1.4.1");
  src: url("../fonts/ionicons.eot?v=1.4.1#iefix") format("embedded-opentype"), url("../fonts/ionicons.ttf?v=1.4.1") format("truetype"), url("../fonts/ionicons.woff?v=1.4.1") format("woff"), url("../fonts/ionicons.svg?v=1.4.1#Ionicons") format("svg");
  font-weight: normal;
  font-style: normal; }

I had a similar problem. My Gruntfile messed up the paths to the Icon font during concatenation of the CSS files.

Thanks @stizzle & @Calendee - same Gruntfile issue here. Before fixing my Gruntfile I was trying to move them to my Platform/ios/app/images folder manually and they weren’t showing, so mistakenly fired away on this forum.

Gotta move this project over to gulp. :smile:.

No problem. Been there…

Would love to see any Gulp config you end up using.