Bug ? some icons are not working



I’m building with diegonetto/generator-ionic and some icons (probably 1 on 2) are not working, they are not printed, is it a bug or somethings ?


We’ve update ionicons, and have changed some names.


.ion-ios7 are now .ion-ios


ok thats what i saw, i’m currently using Ionicons, v1.5.2, any tutorial to properly update to 2.0 ?
could i just replace the icon files or i have to change the css too ?


Ionic beta14 and below will be using Ionicons v1.5.2: http://ionicons.com/1.5.2/

Future versions of Ionic will have v2.0, which won’t have the 7 in the name.


ok then i dont have to update it, right ?
I wonder if you know wich version of ionic yeoman use, i can’t find any info… i hope its the last one (13)


Adam, what is the easiest way to use icons from 2.0 in the current nighty? Specificaly, I need to change “icon ion-android-arrow-back” for back button since in 1.5.2 the icon is awful.