Ionicons not showing (alpha51 + ionicons3)


I’ve just updated my app to Ionic Alpha51 and installed ionicons through npm. I don’t get any errors in logs, but the icons aren’t showing at all.

tabs html:

<ion-tabs> <ion-tab tab-icon="pulse" tab-title="Water" [root]="heroTab"></ion-tab> <ion-tab tab-icon="calendar" tab-title="Life" [root]="heroTab"></ion-tab> <ion-tab tab-icon="settings" tab-title="Fire" [root]="heroTab"></ion-tab> <ion-tab tab-icon="pulse" tab-title="Force" [root]="heroTab"></ion-tab> </ion-tabs>


"ionic-framework": "2.0.0-alpha.51", "ionicons": "3.0.0-alpha.3",

inspecting element shows then:

<ion-icon class="tab-button-icon ion-md-undefined" role="img" aria-label="undefined"></ion-icon>

updated ionic.config.js:

sass: { src: ['app/theme/app.+(ios|md).scss'], dest: 'www/build/css', include: [ 'node_modules/ionic-framework', 'node_modules/ionicons/dist/scss' ] },

what am I missing?

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i’m having the same problem. i then tried upgrading to alpha53, same issue.

For god sake, look at the changelogs, there’s been a change in the webpack config for the icons, also could create a new project and see what has changed, the last sidemenu starter version has the icons working and is well configured.