Ionic icons not showing

I’m using ion-checkmark-circled but want to use the ios or android specific version. Neither of this are showing up. I’ve updated ionic and still nothing…

There appears to be some disconnect between the icons on the site and what is available in the current builds.

For instance, a lot of the icons are called ion-ios-xxxxxx on the site, but are actually available as ion-ios7-xxxxxx when building.

I’ve found the best results is to download the font file from and then recompile the sass files in my project folder to ensure that ALL the new icons etc. are available to me. There is a Gulp task in the root folder of your build that allows you to do this.

If you download the font files to

<your project>/www/lib/ionic/fonts

then run:

gulp sass

from the project folder, it should compile everything and make the new icons available.

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Yeah, as CyberFerret sayas, there is an issue between latest ionicons and what is being used in lates ionic beta.
Please see:

Interesting. I’ll wait for the core package to be fixed then.

You can see the icons being used in Beta 14 here:

I don’t think the new icons will be added to the package downloaded from the main site until the official 1.0 release.

Along with steps, don’t forget to replace the ionicons scss file downloaded from ionicion latest

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