Ionicitude package: Wikitude + Ionic


Hello everyone !

Having to work on a project involving Ionic and augmented reality, I’ve searched and found the Wikitude Cordova plugin to achieve that. But implementing this plugin and making it work in an Ionic environnement was not so straightforward. I’ve eventually managed something and wrote an angular service to handle this implementation.

Seing that I was not the only one having hard time using Wikitude in an Ionic app (see here, here, here, here or there), I thought it would be cool to release this service to other developers. So I created a bower package for anyone to use.

The service I created (and the package) is creativly called Ionicitude and its source files along with its documentation can be found here:

I decided to create this topic not only to show my work, but also to ask for criticism. It’s the first time I participate in an open source project, so I’de be glad to have some peer review about the code, the doc or anything related to this package. It’s usable as it is now (I’m using it in the project I’m working on) but I’m sure it could be improved (I’ve got a few ideas already).

I intend to make a demo app, based on the one provided by Wikitude, some time soon.

So feel free to download it, use it, check the source and/or give your opinion or feedback (either here or on GitHub).

Thanks in advance, and I hope that this package will be usefull to at least another person than me :slight_smile:


Thank you for creating this.
I took the liberty to bring your project to the attention of the Wikitude developer who gave a presentation about creating AR cordova applications at Phonegap Day EU 2016 (


Hey, thanks, that’s very nice of you :wink:


I followed the docs, but when I tried Ionic serve ( just to see if everyhing alright before running in device) it says :

Error: [$injector:modulerr] Failed to instantiate module starter due to:

[$injector:modulerr] Failed to instantiate module Ionicitude due to:

[$injector:nomod] Module ‘Ionicitude’ is not available! You either misspelled the module name or forgot to load it. If registering a module ensure that you specify the dependencies as the second argument.

any IDEA ?


Hi !

Thanks for trying out Ionicitude :wink:

I could see two possible causes for this error.
Maybe you didn’t include ionicitude.min.js in your app’s index.html ? (see here or here).
Or maybe you forgot to include Ionicitude as one of your app’s dependency ? (see here)


Hi everyone !

I’m posting this little update to follow the statement on my forst message about a demo app of Ionicitude.
I’ve released on on GitHub here :
It’a actually nothing more than the content of the Wikitude Demo App wrapped around an Ionic app that uses Ionic, but it helps seeing the service in action.

Feel free to download, install and test it !



I’m not sure if you are actively working on your project but I tried to use your code and the documentation is no longer valid b/c ionic has evolved.
Typically things like “ionic state restore” no longer work.
Anyway, I’m still trying to get it to work, have you tried it with ionic 3?


Hi !

I wouldn’t say I’m “actively” working on it (my profesionnal activities takes up most of my time), but I’m updating it anytime someone reports an issue.

That’s how I discovered this week that the Ionic CLI had evolved since the time I put up this IonicDemoApp project.

You’re absolutely right, the latest version of Ionic CLI ditched out the ionic state restore command. It has been “replaced” by the ionic cordova prepare command.

But for this command to work, I would have to update the config.xml and package.json files (because of the way Cordova no handles plugins).

I didn’t yet tried to build and run this demo app with the Ionic CLI 3, but I will ASAP and update the documentation accordingly.
(If you meant the Ionic v3 framework version, please note that Ionicitude is, as of now, only compatible with Ionic v1 apps)

Thanks for reporting this !