Ionic + Wikitude Augmented Reality

Does everyone know how to implement this one?
Many thanks!

Yes its possible. As Wikitude does provide plugins for cordova. In-case you are interested to integrate the wikitude SDK in your ionic you need to do the following

  • Download the cordova plugin from wikitude site

  • Create wrapper like “ngCordova for wikitude”, because you need to convert those wikitude normal js to angular style code. so take an example of any ngCordova plugin and migrate wikitude JS code to something similar to that. Even you don’t want this, you can directly access the wikitude functions from angularJS service.

Links to know the wikitude documentation

Links to download wikitude plugin

Im really having a trouble setting up a basic environment with wikitude ar plugin.
Does anyone have a sample project even the basic/simplest one will do.

Many thanks!

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There is a Wikitude Ionic 2 Starter App:

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