Wikitude cordova plugin/ Ionicitude


#Hello there!

I want to use the Ionicitude in my Ionic v2 project.

I’m pretty new to ionic v2. Any suggestions on how to implement / install?

Typings install, import etc.


This plugin is for ionic 1, not ionic 2. So sadly, you will not be able to use it for a V2 project.


Can you please share any code snippet of “Ionictude”, because I’m not able to integrate it into my Ionic Application.


I’m sill waiting on Ionic 2 support og any code to get this to work.

Its works perfectly in my Ionic 1 project.


@FRDK can you please share any code snippet because its not working on Ionic 1 either



It is great that you are using Ionicitude. How is the progress of using it with Ionic2? Please do share if you know how e.g. typings or make your own wrapper.



hello everyone , i am not able to run that Ionictude perfectly. i followed all the instruction when application loads its simply displays home page with different options but when i click on that nothing happens.

i am using this Ionicitude with ionic1.

please help.